Monday, 19 November 2007

Oracle Open World

Well, here's another successful Openworld conference. We had several
sessions on SQL Developer from the Hands on session, Sue Harper and I
did on Monday, through to the Migration session I did on Wednesday,
detailing how to consolidate your database infrastructure under an
Oracle Database.

Sue and Kris also did papers on SQL Developer. The first was an
introductory paper and the second was an advanced paper.

For me, meeting our customers is great and really makes you realize how
much you take for granted as you live in the space all the time. I
think over the next few posts, I want to try and get more information
out about extensions, Migration Plugins, doing a migration and many more.

For now, though, this is a wrap. The next post will be technical, but I
haven't decided on what yet!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New Oracle Wiki

There is now a new "Official" Oracle wiki out there. This is pretty neat as it lets Oracle employees and everyone else to collaborate together. This will be cool from my point of view since we deal with SQL Developer and the Oracle Migration Workbench.

The point of all this is that normally the most interaction we have is either through the forum (SQL Developer and Migration Workbench) or through Support.

Now we have the ability to add information about product and drop in loads of ideas, solutions and best practices from everyone.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Forum posts and questions

One of the things I do quite a lot of is monitor the forums (fora?) for both SQL Developer and the Migration Workbench. Some of the features we're putting together should appear here in different forms as I get up and running with this a bit more. :)

Editing data in big tables

I saw this floating around the forums over the last few days and it's one of those things that are more of an annoyance than anything else. Consider having a table with 100 columns that you want to edit a row of data for. Well, now you can do it in the single record view which has been remodeled to size properly for any table up to the oracle limit.

This example shows a table of about 100 odd columns ( I got tired adding them thru the table create dialog or we would have more)

Now We're Blogging

Here we are now. Bloggin.
I've been able to stay buried in code for long enough and now I have to publish. Well, I am the development manager for SQL Developer and I hope some of the stuff we post here should be useful over time.